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Project Credits


Personal Residences

Dr. Daphne Pantagotacos, Westlake Village

Rosita Street Spec Residence, Tarzana

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Phillips, Victorville

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Wiltfang, Thousand Oaks

John Mason & Anita Smith, Oxnard

Mr. & Mrs. Ashoor Gorgis, Camarillo

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Ford, Oxanard

Dr. & Mrs. Philip Barry, Thousand Oaks

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Wahlrab, Newbury Park

Mr. & Mrs. Ian Leslie, Thousand Oaks

Mr. Tom Elliot, Malibu

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dubin, Thousand Oaks

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kaufman, Hidden Hills

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dowd, Camarillo

Mr. & Mrs. Rory Clark, Camarillo

Mr. & Mrs. Sebastien Djavadi, Woodland Hills

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Stupar, Thousand Oaks

Dr. & Mrs. Phil Schmidt, Bishop

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Utley, Simi Valley

Mr. & Mrs. Morrow, Westlake Village / Alan Bernstein, Arch

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Shane, Calabasas / Tri-Valley Landscape

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Hillabush, Wallace
Pacific Peninsula Group, Atherton / KLA, Landscape Arch
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Connell, Ojai
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Ribeira, Angels Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gerton, Angels Camp
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hagedorn, Vallecito
Mr. & Mrs. William Canning, Sonora
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Biles, Wallace
Rose Residence, Copperopolis / The Frog Hollow
Armstrong Residence, Angels Camp / The Frog Hollow
Fuller Residence, Murphys / The Frog Hollow
Griffin Residence, Valley Springs / The Frog Hollow
Mr. Eddie Rogers, Copperopolis / The Frog Hollow
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Green, Murphys
Forrest-Fienberg Residence, Angels Camp / The Frog Hollow
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Erickson, Camarillo
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ford, Camarillo
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Connell, Independence, Oregon
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Taggesell, Camarillo
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Brown, Camarillo
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Chapin, Camarillo
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Burleson, Thousand Oaks
Dr. and Mrs. Elvin Gaines, Simi Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Greenspan, Thousand Oaks
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Hillis, Thousand Oaks
Dr. Catalina Huang, Thousand Oaks
John A. Littmann (W.R. Grace), Newport Beach
Adrienne Nater & Beverly Gwaltney, Moorpark
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Paulucci, Agoura
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rose, Claremont
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Appell (W.R. Grace), Encino
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Smith, Westlake Village

Planned Residential

Apricot Apartments, Simi Valley / Larry Huppert Construction

Walnut Hills Senior Townhouses, Simi Valley / Mike Rovner Construction

Hillcrest Duplex, Thousand Oaks / Filiberto Lopez

Casa de Rosas, Oxnard / TN Price & Associates Architecture

Leisure Village Recreation Commons and Offices, Camarillo  / Leisure Village HOA

Townhomes of Westlake Village Entry  Garden / Scott Williams Landscaping

Oak Forest Estates Streetscape, Westlake Village / Oak Forest HOA

Scenic Bend Estates (Gallo Wines), Modesto / KLA, Landscape Arch
The Ranch Concept, Jamestown / KLA, Landscape Arch
Jack Kautz’s Fieldstone Townhouses, Murphys / The Frog Hollow
Saddle Creek, Copperopolis / The Frog Hollow
Oaknoll Villas phase IV, Thousand Oaks / Broadmoor Homes
Oaknoll Villas phase IV Models, Thousand Oaks / Broadmoor Homes
Deacon Street Homes, Simi Valley / Franklin Z. Greenspan
G. S. Development Condominiums, Simi Valley / G. S. Development
Hillcrest Park Condominiums, Thousand Oaks / Franklin Z. Greenspan
Lanco Apartments, Thousand Oaks / Franklin Z. Greenspan
Oberlin Associates, Thousand Oaks / Franklin Z. Greenspan
Grohs Apartments, Thousand Oaks / J. Grohs & J. Kelly
Green Knolls, Thousand Oaks / Dale Poe Development
Olsen Channel, Thousand Oaks / W.R. Grace
Wildwood Ridge Concept, Thousand Oaks / Gunston Hall Company
Lacono Condominiums, Agoura / Andy Lacono
Warwick Townhouses, Thousand Oaks / Sydney Mandler
Oaknoll Villas Townhomes, ThousandOaks / W & T Enterprises
Hillcrest Villas Condominiums, Thousand Oaks / W & T Enterprises
Oaknoll Villas phase III, Thousand Oaks / W & T Enterprises
New Country Parkway, Simi Valley / Richard Campbell, L.A.


West Coast Marble, Oxnard

New Apostolic Church, Oxnard

Lompoc Radiation Oncology Center, Lompoc

Vineyard Plaza, Oxnard 

Archangel Michael Coptic Church, Simi Valley / GPA Architecture

Sylmar Dialysis, San Fernando / Bert Elliott Architecture

Camarillo Medical, Camarillo 

City Auto Body, Simi Valley / GPA Architecture

Slim & Tone, Sonora / Grover Architectural

El Dorado Savings, San Andreas / The Frog Hollow
Century 21 Sierra Properties, Arnold / The Frog Hollow
Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, Sonora
Timothy O’Connor DDS Offices, Murphys / The Frog Hollow
Resort Motel and Conference Center Concept, Angels Camp
R. W. Farrell & Associates, Simi Valley / Arnold-Scribner Arch.
Tried Stone Church, Oxnard / Arnold-Scribner Arch.
House of the Oaks, Thousand Oaks Arts Council
Ventu Park Shopping Center, Thousand Oaks / E.J. Friedman
Moody Court Offices, Thousand Oaks / Frontier Construction
Lynn Road Medical Assocs, Thousand Oaks / S. U. Gassman, Arch.
Sequoia Square, Simi Valley / Granville Black Constr.
Hampshire North Offices, Thousand Oaks / John Innes, L.A.
Monte Vista Presbyterian Church, Newbury Park / John Innes L.A.
Magic Muffler, Thousand Oaks
Carmen Drive Offices, Camarillo / Rescom Development
Sather Office Building, Thousand Oaks / Mr. Larry Sather
Agoura Road Office Buildings/ S & Y Properties
Carmine Vito Industrial, Westlake Village/ TOLD, Inc.
Industrial Center, Phases 12-14, Thousand Oaks / TOLD, Inc.
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Camarillo
Swan Pools Building, Simi Valley / R. Burton Ward, Arch.
Vangas, Simi Valley

Dapplegray Park, Rolling Hills Estates / Closson & Closson, L.A.
Design Criteria for Orange County Bikeways / County of Orange, EMA
Featherly Regional Park Play Area / County of Orange, EMA
Forrest Paull Park, Garden Grove / County of Orange, EMA
Laguna Niguel Regional Park Play Area / County of Orange, EMA
Riverdale Rest Stop, Anaheim / County of Orange, EMA
El Toro Community Park, El Toro / County of Orange, EMA
Santa Ana River Greenbelt Reclaimed Water--Pilot Project / C of O EMA
Anaheim-Barber City Channel planting / County of Orange, EMA
Brea Creek Landscaping, Buena Park / County of Orange, EMA
Santa Ana River Landscaping, Anaheim / County of Orange, EMA
Santa Ana River Recreation Trails County of / Orange, EMA
Featherly Regional Park Camping Conversion Study/ C of O, EMA
Doheny Beach Extension, Orange County / County of Orange, EMA
El Toro Streetscape, El Toro / County of Orange, EMA
Coast Royale Beach, Orange / County County of Orange, EMA
Standard park design details / County of Orange, EMA
Standard specifications CSI format for county parks / C of O, EMA
Grissom Street Reservoir, Thousand Oaks / City of Thousand Oaks

Tree Consultation

O'Connell Vineyard Oaks, Calabasas

Watson Residence Oak, Calabasas

Chatsworth Lake Oaks,  Chatsworth / Mike Rovner Construction

Magic Muffler Oak, Thousand Oaks

Wildwood, Thousand Oaks / W.R. Grace

Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks / John Innes, Landscape Architect

Hibbert Residence Oak, Westlake Village

Sandstone Ranch Oaks, Hidden Valley

Dean Wolff Residence Oaks, Thousand Oaks

Keyshawn Johnson Residence Oak, Calabasas

Palm Residence Oaks, Calabasas

Triunfo Oak, Westlake Village / Southshore Homeowners Association

Guthman Residence Oaks, Calabasas

Simeroth Residence Oaks, Agoura Hills

Monahan Residence Oaks, Calabasas

Contributed to
The Morgan Residence, Los Altos Hills / Boos Design, L.A.
The Ostby-Cook Residence, Woodside / Boos Design, L.A.
The Bottomley Residence, Angels Camp / Boos Design, L.A.
The Whitcanack Residence, Galt / Boos Design, L.A