Classical training and practice in landscape architecture beginning at Cal Berkeley over forty years ago distinguish Ronald Kirk. Life-long study in the arts, ecology, aesthetics, human comfort, construction technology, and lifestyle raises the standard beyond mere decoration. I seek to serve clientele who will appreciate personalized fine design: To provide commercial clients attractive business image enhancement, and economically to meet community standards for agency approvals. To support residential clients in an elegant living and to enhance property value. You will receive professional quality attention for any size project. Please call or leave a contact message for a free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs.

Ronald Kirk Design

California Landscape Architect 5100

Idaho Landscape Architect 16955

Fine, full service landscape architecture since 1974

The landscape architectural client deserves quality service on several fronts

Ronald Kirk Landscape Architect has successfully balanced these diverse elements in a broad array of project types on behalf of diverse clients both private and public.

Frugality–A lean and productive office, using the best technical and professional practices, minimizes the cost for design services. Moreover, a fine construction product depends on cost-conscious design, appropriate to the market.

Design excellence–Upon a well-developed and practical aesthetic sense, Ron strives for ageless style with a contemporary flair. Aesthetics support today’s widespread desire for a higher quality of life.

The environment–Commitment to the stewardship of the environment–development and sustainable use of the land without destruction–supports everyone’s desire for a healthy life. Again, the client’s market goals are met.

Technology–Education in the sciences and work in an engineering environment coupled with on-going professional development yields a particularly strong technical foundation for design and planning.

Response–To his knowledge, Ron has never delayed or impeded the progress of a project large or small. Where greater manpower is required, various professional associations serve to meet the client’s needs, without unnecessary and expensive overhead.

Workmanship–Ron has earned a reputation for the high quality of his professional product including drawings, specifications, presentations, and personal service.

Working relationships–Professionalism, combined with respect for others, grounds Ronald Kirk’s successful working relationships with architects, engineers, contractors and public agents alike, without compromising the client’s, public’s or end user’s interest.


AB, 1974, University of California, Berkeley. Landscape Architecture

AA, 1971, Moorpark Community College Mathematics/Physics